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One of the toughest questions for a homeowner is: “Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?”

It is always tough because you can never be sure that the time is right.

Replacing your unit too earl and you might be buying an appliance that is unnecessary.  If you repair it, and it dies again a short time later,  then your money is wasted.

There are a lot of other people with this same question.

The answer to the question depends on several different factors.

Here are 5 things to consider when making this important decision.

1) The air conditioner’s age

The life of the average air conditioner is about 10-15 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders

The older that you unit gets the more frequent it will require service and repairs.

Speaking of frequency…

2) The frequency of the repairs

Did you need a repair last year?  The year before?

An air conditioner that needs major repairs within a couple of years is too often.  Most likely it will break down again soon, especially if it is not professionally maintained.

Needing a major repair on air conditioner within a 2 year period is too frequent. This is a sign your air conditioner is most likely going to break down again soon in the future. Especially if it’s never/rarely been professionally maintained.

3) Your Electric Bills Are Too High

As you air conditioner becomes older, it becomes less efficient.  Even though your old unit is still functioning, it may be costing you an arm and a leg, which is a great reason to invest in a new A/C unit.

We suggest getting a high efficiency unit with an ENERGY STAR label.

Learn about air conditioner energy efficiency in our article about the SEER rating.

4) You are never cool enough in you home

If your air conditioner just isn’t meeting your comfort needs, then don’t feel bad not wanting to repair it! Invest in a better air conditioner. You’ll be glad you did.

5) A major part has failed and the warranty has expired

If a major part (like the compressor) fails and the air conditioner’s warranty has expired, you’ll be paying big bucks to repair it.

We can’t tell you what too expensive is, but you should weigh all the factors we have discussed

However, we can’t tell you how expensive is too expensive before you should consider replacing your air conditioner. That’s up to you. You should weigh the cost of the repair with the other 4 factors we’ve mentioned.

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