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Inevitably, “creature comfort" problems will arise and your unit will have problems.  When this happens, it is easy to go the quick route and repair a unit that should probably be replaced and or to replace a unit that makes more sense to repair.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when making a decision about repair or replacement.  Please fill out this form and we will contact you with our recommendation.

What Kind Of Equipment Needs Repair? Air ConditionerHeat PumpGas/Electric Packaged Unit

How Old Is Your Equipment? Less Than 6 Years old6 to 10 Years Old11 - 20 Years OldOver 20 Years OldI Don't Know How Old It Is

What Are The Estimated Repair Costs? Less Than $100$100 to $500$500 - $1000Over $1000

Is The Unit Still Under Warranty? YesNo

What is the SEER Efficiency Rating Of Your Equipment?14 or Over11 - 138 - 105 - 7I Don't Know

What Type Of Refrigerant Does You Unit Use?HFCCFC or HCFCI Don't Know

Has The Air Conditioner Compressor Been Replaced Recently?YesNo

What Is The AFUE Efficiency Rating Of Your Equipment? Over 9087 -9080 -8670-79

Has The Heat Exchanger Been Replaced Recently?NoYes

Does The Unit Turn On And Off Repeatedly During The Day? NoYes

Do You Have Problem Rooms That Seem To Never Get Warm Or Cool? NoYes

Does Turning On The Equipment Cause A Noticeable Disturbance Or Vibrations In Your Home?NoYes

How Long Do You Expect To Stay In This Home? Less Than 2 Years2 - 5 Years6 - 10 YearsMore Than 10 Years

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